Hyperventilating over the Present: A review of the Introduction to Hypermodernity and the End of the World

Photogaph by Alexandre van de Sande. Creative Commons.
Déjeuner sur l’herbe. Alain Jacquet (1964).
Postmodern Fruits. Photograph by birdsigh. Creative Commons.
Southdale Center, Edina Minnesota. The oldest fully enclosed, climate controlled mall in America, opened in 1956. Wikimedia commons.
Novel. Image from National Public Radio.
Monkey vs Monkey Man vs Man — Capitalism is SOCIAL DARWINISM. by photographymontreal. Creative Commons.
#truth#relativism. Image by leighblackall. Creative Commons.
Brian W. Rogers, Raya Badran, Anjalika Sagar, Mark Fisher & Justin Barton, Kodwo Eshun. Creative Commons.



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Christopher Willard

Christopher Willard

Novelist, poet, a post-studio visual artist, and the founder of The Invisible Art Collective International. Recent novels include “Sundre” and “Garbage Head.”