A Republican win in 2020 means forefronting only one question.

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Dear Democrats, do you want to lose? Because this is how you lose.

The Democratic cyclopean strategy, Get Trump at Any Cost (GTAAC) is, and always was, some fantasy reality dreamt up to fit a hopeful wish about the way the world ought to be.

Knock knock.

Who’s there.

A toddler who just realized the world doesn’t change to fit his wishes.

For a second step back and look with a clear eye, think about how absolutely, seriously angering it is that that some of our eleted politicians attempted, with what appears to be the collusion of a good deal of media, to force an alternative “reality” upon us that was in complete contradiction to the Real (to use Lacan’s differentiation here). Just on that level of defraudment of the American people alone:

the politicians that supported the whole Trump/Russia collusion fakery should be expelled from congress for actions incompatible to holding public office.

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They won’t be, but they’ve left a nice perceptual legacy:


  • More than two years of hysterical screaming and hyperbole about Russia and Trump collusion that the Mueller report says did not occur.
  • More than two years hyping pee tape.
  • More than two years pushing a narrative proven to be ridiculous and probably criminal bullshit.
  • More than two years of nah-nah-ing like kids in an elementary playground.
  • More than two years of bawling over Trumps triumph within a game that was supposed to have been failsafe.
  • More than two years of willfully deceiving the American public.
  • More than two years of no congressional outcomes of real benefit.
  • More than two years of congress people getting richer and doing little or no work.

The Democrats have given Donald Trump a wonderful present. He should be getting some sincere thank you notes ready to send out.

Said Samuel Beckett in Three Novels, “I have my faults, but changing my tune is not one of them.” Same for the Democrats.

Now all Republicans have to do is to keep harping on that single track that Democrats pushed since the inauguration. You know, that sick earworm everyone’s sick of.

Brady Bunch, 1971: Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!

Democrats, 2016–2019: Russia, Russia, Russia!

Say what you will, it’s too late for Democrats. They’ve forced themselves into the unappetizing choice of doubling down on plan GTAAC or floundering about with too many nascent strategies. Resultantly, like the fox in the old La Fontaine fable, they can’t decide on a plan. Nor for that matter can they decide on a candidate. Recent liberal attacks on Bernie who appeared on Fox News, irony and irony, demonstrate this clearly.

(Jean de La Fontaine, The Cat and the Fox, from the The Fables of La Fontaine, translated mainly by R. Thomson (London: J. C. Nimmo and Bain, 1884), book 9, fable 14.)

One has to believe that GTAAC played well in the think-rooms where it was formulated. But now it’s clear that it was unwise. Posterity will not be kind.

Today GTAAC lies on the dock, dead, bloated, and stinking everything up. Indictments are looming. Only a few rogue Democrats still thinks it looks appealing. Above all of this the lawyers are circling. It will end up being worse than Watergate, and for this I say bring it to them, each and every one, from bottom to top.

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The Scream, Edvard Munch, 1893. National Gallery of Norway. Image: Public Domain.

Going into 2020, Republicans have only to ask one question to a Democratic candidate:

What did you and your party do the first two and a half years Trump was in office?

Democrats don’t want to answer. Democrats prefer we all now ignore the debunked issue of Russia and collusion and move on or past or by or something.

Republicans can now put up the spreadsheet:

On one side, legislation put forth by Republicans and Trump, for debate. This is called a free society and vigorous consideration of possible changes to law, that should occur in committee rooms and halls of congress. It’s their job to do this.

On the other side: Hysterical screaming. Russia, Russia, Russia!

Resultantly, Democrats have by their ill-formed plan allowed Republicans to pin them with two things:

1) Democrats are willing to support action and legislation for activities that both lack evidence and have no foundation. We should be extremely worried about any leadership that does this. This is the m.o. of a banana republic government. If the politicians can’t or won’t separate fiction from fact they have no business running anything, let alone the country. Politicians who spent two years actively defrauding the American people have no business in congress.

2) Democrats are unwilling or unable to introduce meaningful legislation to help improve the lives of regular people. For two years they either willfully ignored responding to issues affecting Americans or they didn’t know how to do their job.

It’s too late for them to revoke their plan.

As the German aphorism says, Was man sich eingebrockt hat, das muss man auch auslöffeln.

Republicans simply have to keep reflecting the fact that Democrats care only about hysterical screaming, about political posturing, about trying to prove their fantasy reality than doing their job. Comically, the Democrats have supplied the evidence for Trump’s original campaign platform.

It will be humorous and pathetic to see Democrats attempt to move forward. They will, as we are seeing, double down on the Trump/Russia fakery and attempt to relitigate the entire Mueller process, or they will try to pivot to virtue signalling. Stemming the latter should be a secondary strategy of the Republicans. Each can be answered by consistently turning the conversation to the points above. In all scenarios Democrats screwed and tattooed.

Novelist, poet, a post-studio visual artist, and the founder of The Invisible Art Collective International. Recent novels include “Sundre” and “Garbage Head.”

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